False Hope and False Fear

Todd Robertson took this picture was taken in 1992 in Gainesville, GA. This past Tuesday, Gainesville’s representative (Doug Collins) stood on the house floor and shouted down Rep. Eric Swalwell as he read off all of the racist comments and actions from Trump (birthirism, comments about a Mexican judge being unable to rule because of his ethnicity, saying immigrants from Mexico are rapists, comments about immigrants from “shithole” countries, telling congresswomen, born in the US or US citizens, to “Go back to your country.”). Collins shouted that Swalwell’s comments were unparliamentary and offensive and should be stricken from the record. Were they? They were Trump’s words, not Swalwell’s.

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What’s Next? Norwegian Hip Hop

In my previous post, I wrote about the Norway and Slavery research group that I started with a couple of colleagues at the University of Bergen. Today, I want to dig a little more into what I plan to do with my work on Norwegian hip hop, specifically Karpe’s work. Over the past few months, I have written multiple posts on artists such as Hkeem, Pumba, and Karpe, and each artist addresses issues of racism, xenophobia, islamaphobia, and discrimination behind the egalitarian facade that Norway projects to the rest of the world.

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What’s Next?: Norway and Slavery

In my last post, I wrote about some of my reflections from this last year in Norway. Today, I want to take a moment and look at what’s next, specifically in regard to things that I want to continue researching and exploring as I return to the United States. Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but it consists of various items that arose during my time in Norway. These lines of inquiry each correlate to my scholarship, specifically the construction of race and the transmission of racial thought.

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