Here, you will find some of my featured publications. For a more detailed list, please see my Curriculum Vitae.

Peer Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

“‘Mr. Joe Louis, help me.’: Sports in the Fiction of Ernest J. Gaines.’” MELUS.
“Cultural Commentary and Fair Use: Bob Englehart, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Two Flags.” 
“Ernest Gaines: A Study in Domestic Exile.”
“Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s ‘A Slave Story I began and Abandoned’”
“Dante in a Modern Context: A Review Sepultura’s Dante XXI

Peer Reviewed Blog Posts

“Matthew Teutsch’s Guest Post: Five African American Books We Should All Read” “Celebrating the Life and Activism of Jackie Robinson”
“On Racism and Racial Violence in the Comics”
“Black Women, Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime: An Interview with Deborah E. Whaley”
“Luke Cage and the African American Literary Tradition”
“Frank Yerby’s Challenge to the Myth of White Southern Womanhood”
“‘I think Aladdin looked kinda white’: Teaching Cultural Projection in the Classroom”


“‘Memories wasn’t a place, memories was in the mind’: the Gothic in Ernest J. Gaines’s The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.” (co-authored with Katharine Henry). Mississippi Quarterly.
“Teaching the Pastoral and Race in Jean Toomer, Ernest Hemingway, and Ernest Gaines.” Teaching
Hemingway and Race. Eds. Gary Holcomb. Kent: Kent State University Press.
“‘The unjust spirit of caste’ in Charles W. Chesnutt’s and George Washington Cable’s New Orleans Novels.” Untitled Publication. Eds. Leslie Petty and Nancy Dixon. Baton Rouge: LSU Press.
“For those in the ‘ghetto torture chambers’: Iceberg Slim’s Impact on Hip Hop.” Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Music Studies. Eds. Jason Burton and Jason Oakes.
“‘They want us to be Creoles. . . . There is no in-between.’: Creole Representations in Lyle Saxon’s Children of Strangers and Ernest J. Gaines’ Catherine Carmier.” Studies in the Literary Imagination. Special issue: “New Criticisms on the Works of Ernest J, Gaines: Man of Letter.” Ed. Lillie Anne Brown.