End of Year Roundup: Favorite Posts

Note, Interminable Rambling will be on break for the next two weeks. Check back on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, for new posts.

I have been blogging at Interminable Rambling for four and a half years. Over that time, I have written 432 posts specifically for this site. Today, I want to take a look at the past year and highlight some of my favorite posts from this past year, an eventful year in so many ways. Before looking at those posts, though, I want to highlight the top five posts, by views, for the past year as of December 8, 2019.

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Lillian Smith's "Memory of a Large Christmas"

Lillian E. Smith published Memory of Large Christmas in 1962. The book, essentially, is a collection of humorous and memorable anecdotes about the large, bountiful Smith family Christmases. In the back of the book, Smith includes recopies for turkey dressing, pork salad, ambrosia, and more. Today, I want to look at one of the scenes that Smith relates in the book. The scene occurs at the end and involves a speech that her father, Calvin, gave after a Christmas dinner in 1918.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lillian E. Smith: Part II

On March 10, 1956, Lillian Smith wrote a letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. She told him how much she admired his work and how she thought that King’s approach would be successful. She tells King that she would like to have the opportunity to meet him, and she offers her encouragement to the movement. Along with all of this, Smith also noted, as she did in speeches such as “The Right Way is Not the Moderate Way,” the effects that King’s work and the work of so many others would have on the white psyche. She writes for King to tell those in Montgomery, “I, too, am working as hard as I can to bring insight to the white group; to try to open their hearts to the great harm that segregation inflicts not only on Negroes but on white people too.”

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