Buck Wild, the New Icon!

After his initial appearance in Icon #13, some fans asked whether or not Buck Wild would receive his own series. Others asked that the Milestone team update his speech and clothes to fit the 1990s. Ken Harris wrote in stating that “ICON #13 was absolutely ‘Power’-ful! NEVER has a comic make [sic] me laugh so hard. . . . it was truly comical. I must commend ‘Trouble Man’ on his biting satire and respectfully request. . . please, KEEP ‘EM BITING!”

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“There’s this old, played-out record”: Buck Wild and the History of Representation

Today, I want to continue the discussion I began in the last post on Buck Wild in Milestone Comics’ Icon. Specifically, I want to look at the ways that Dwyane McDuffie uses Buck Wild as a metonym and commentary on Black comic book characters that appeared in the 1970s. To do this, I am going to focus on Buck Wild’s initial appearance in Icon #13 and explore the ways that he thinks about himself in relation to the larger history of Black superheroes such as Luke Cage.

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Introducing Your Tour Guide, Buck Wild

Recently, I discussed representation in Milestone Comics’ Icon. Today, I want to continue that discussion by focusing on the character of Buck Wild in the Icon series. Buck Wild originally appeared in Icon #13, and as Dwayne McDuffie has made clear, he serves as a commentary on the Black characters that appeared in mainstream comics’ during the 1970s onward. As Rebecca Wanzo notes, “By calling attention to the history of representation and, importantly, crafting new representations, those who work in visual media can challenge these visual histories.” This is exactly what McDuffie and artists such as MD Bright do with Buck Wild.

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