Off to Norway!

A little over seven months ago, I received word that I had been accepted as a Fulbright scholar a the University of Bergen in Norway. Today, that journey begins. As such, I want to take a moment to write about some of the things I look forward to experiencing while in Norway. This list is far from exhaustive. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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“The Prince of Pulpsters” or “Debunker of Myths”: Frank Yerby Syllabus

When reading Frank Yerby’s work, I keep asking one question over and over again: “Why isn’t anyone teaching these texts?” I know that some scholars teach Yerby; however, compared to other authors, his appearance in the classroom is minuscule. I had heard the name, in passing, during my graduate work; however, I never saw him in any anthologies or read any of his books in any classes. I only found out about his voluminous production after I started purchasing copies of his books at local library book sales and used book stores. in 2011, Paine College, Frank Yerby’s alma mater, started a program where they had students read Yerby’s work, look at archival material, interview people who knew him, and present their work at a Yerby symposium. This serves as a start of what will hopefully be a Yerby revival. Today, I want to present a syllabus I have been thinking about that would focus on the life and work of Frank Garvin Yerby.

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“Introduction to Modernism: Modernism and Ernest J. Gaines” Syllabus

As part of my Fulbright application, I proposed two courses for my time at the University of Bergen. I have already posted one of these syallbi, “African American Literature and the American South.” This course will be an MA level course, and I am currently in the process of finalizing the readings. They have changed, some, since I initially posted the syllabus. When I complete the syllabus, I will post it again. Today, though, I want to share with you the other course I proposed for next year: “Introduction to Modernism: Modernism and Ernest J. Gaines.”

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