“What do you produce as an English teacher?”

A few days ago, someone asked me a question that made me stop and think. The person asked, “What do you produce as an English teacher?” The inquisitor did not posit the question in a derogatory manner; in fact, I firmly believe that the person asking the question wanted to legitimately understand what I do as an English teacher at a university. I paused for a second, trying to parse out the question. Then, I responded with a generic answer about critical thinking, knowledge, and projects such as ViralTexts.org. I was not truly satisfied with my answer, and after the exchange, I am still pondering the question, specifically the best way to answer it. Today, I want to take a moment and parse out some of the things I have thought about in regard to what I “produce.”

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Contingent Faculty, Academic Freedom, and Technology

Currently, I’m taking a class in higher ed administration. Part of the class requires me to read articles and watch videos then respond to them. Last week, we covered faculty in the university and various issues arose from technology in the classroom and academic freedom to contingent faculty. Most notably, these are the issues that stuck out to me and resonated the most due to my own personal experiences and pedagogical practices. Today, I want to share my thoughts and reflections on these issues. The first half, before the break, is a response to the videos in the course. The second is in response to Amanda Ochoa’s article “Contingent Faculty: Helping or Harming Students?”

Note: This is what I posted in response, so it is, somewhat, rambling. As well, it is longer than my normal posts.  


Doonesbury Strip

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Black Panther, What Now?

Over the past few weeks, and days, numerous articles have appeared about Black Panther. These pieces range from providing historical context for the T’Challa, the role of the Dora Milaje, the cultural impact of Black Panther and representation on the big screen, and countless other topics. The sheer breadth of these pieces in amazing, and there is no way, at this point, that I could cull all them together. Today, I do not plan to really dive into any of these discussions because I think  that there are far-more qualified writers that have done that already. Instead, I just want to give some of my ruminations on the film after seeing it the other day. These will probably be rambling, but I hope that you get something out them.

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