Comics and Race Syllabus

Over the past couple of years, I have really started to dive into comics and graphic novels. Initially, I would just look through the local library to find books on the shelf. Here, I found texts such as Southern Bastards, ScalpedBayou, I Am Alfonso Jones, and more. Since then, I have started looking at these texts more, especially series such as Black Panther and Deathlok. These inquiries have led me to think about how I would construct a course on comics and race. Below, you will find a syllabi I put together just such a course. It is, of course, not all encompassing, but I think it is a start. What would add to this syllabus? Let me know in the comments below.

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Memos in the Literature Classroom

For my literature courses this semester, I am tweaking a previous assignment and starting a new practice that will hopefully assist students in learning the material throughout the semester. Today, I want to briefly cover the ways I plan to change my discussion board and my incorporation of post-class memos after each class.

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Looking at Court Cases in the Composition Classroom?

Note: Featured image is George McLaurin in class at the University of Oklahoma. 

At the end of each semester, I look back and reflect upon what worked throughout the course and what could possibly go better. Part of this examination involves considering what assignments and readings to incorporate into the upcoming semester. Today, I want to discuss the tweaks I made this semester in regard to readings. Essentially, the bones of the course remain the same: two rhetorical analysis essays and an argumentative essay. As well, I retain the theme for the course: education. What I change, periodically, is the epidermis of the course, the readings, and I do this based on what topics students have written about over the sixteen week course.

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