Is Work/Life Balance Achievable in Academia?

For the first few weeks, I would walk into my eight o’clock class to bright faces and smiles from the students seated within the rows. About a month into the semester, and coincidentally around the same time that they had to turn in their first essay, the smiling faces turned to tired and haggled sleep-deprived visages that stared blankly back at me as I entered the room and said, “Good morning!” Replaying discussions from almost every semester, I would ask, “How are things going?” Most of the students are freshmen, so they reply, “Exhausted!” Here, I take a couple of minutes in class to talk about the importance of time management and self care.

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Representation and Monica Lynne’s Social Activism

Last post, I wrote about T’Challa’s role as a teacher within the community, and today I want to briefly look at Monica Lynne’s movement from an entertainer to to social activist as she begins to work as a social worker. In Avengers #73, Monica’s actions lead T’Challa to take a more active role in fighting everyday segregation and injustice within the community instead of focusing all of his energy on super villains. While this movement began in Avengers #73, the conclusion of Avengers #74 brings T’Challa’s and Monica’s decisions to the forefront in the final panels.

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Representation and The Black Panther as Teacher

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Monica Lynne’s first appearance in Avengers #73. During their first encounter, Monica Lynne causes T’Challa to see his role not just as an Avenger but as a social activist as well. Along those lines, the issues that follow, specifically Avengers #77 and #78 illuminate what T’Challa’s and Monica’s roles in the community end up being. T’Challa, as Lucas Charles, becomes a teacher, and Monica becomes a social worker.  Today, I want to expand upon these aspects of T’Challa’s and Monica’s lives in relation to other topics I have been covering in regard to Black Panther over the course of the past few months.

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